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France, Spain, and Portugal 2017
I ordered a local dish of spinach and chickpeas that Dawn took one bite of before wincing and making a sour face. We then followed a map we were given through narrow winding streets to the huge Seville Cathedral. It is the largest cathedral in the world.

What to Do in Seville: Your Ultimate Guide to Spain’s Hottest City
Spain’s hottest city has shot to superstardom by earning THE number one spot on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel city list for 2018 ... This maze of white-washed streets is no place for maps. It’s a place for losing yourself amidst hot tapas and.

10 Most Underrated Destinations in Spain
One of the largest cities in Spain, Zaragoza is strategically located between Madrid and Barcelona on a high-speed railway line, but due to its low profile, remains often overlooked by tourists. If your taste buds dictate where you travel however.

See the real Spain on a driving holiday in Andalucia
We are armed with a Satnav, a trusty NavmanMY570, that's loaded with maps of Spain. The comforting female voice (complete ... that the big tourist buses bypass on their whirlwind tours of Andalucia's Big Three – Granada, Seville and Cordoba.

Paul Bowles’ Tangier, lost and half found
The protagonist, an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago, arrives in Tangier after making the short crossing over from Spain. He is on a journey to ... Captivated, I sought out more of Bowles’s travel writing and found almost all of it in the Mark.

Nighttime parades an Easter tradition in Spain
SEVILLE, Spain ... Andalusia begin on Palm Sunday and reach their pinnacle after midnight on Good Friday, a time known as La Madrugada. Ask at a tourist office for timetables, names of the must-see processions and where to view them. Bring a map.

ISIS spells out historic plan to retake Andalucia
“We will die for it until we open those occupied lands from Jakarta to Andalucia. “And I say: Spain is the land of our ancestors and ... Isis has released a map on Twitter (pictured, right) showing the countries it plans to occupy within the next.

Andalucia: readers' tips, recommendations and travel advice
This week's winning review: A couple of summers ago, a friend and I cycled through Andalucia. We were looking for something ... Self-guided meant we could go at our own pace with maps provided; organised meant that our luggage was transferred from hotel.

Rough Guide Map Andalucia & the Costa Del Sol
The Rough Guide Map Andalucia & the Costa del Sol ... up-to-date map presents the whole of Andalucia and the Costa Del Sol with impeccable accuracy, making it an unmissable travel companion on your journey to Spain's southern tip. Make the.

Reader Q&A: Road trip through Andalucía
Last week, BBC Travel reader Sumayya Seedat asked for advice on her upcoming vacation in Andalucía, requesting “tips for a self drive with three kids through southern Spain for the month ... Use Google maps or get a GPS (it’s extra when you rent.

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