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Bed and Be, Cordoba, Spain
who first opened his doors in March 2012 in the midst of Spain's crippling recession. Navigating the fickle economic climate hasn't been easy, but José has both background and experience on his side. Born and raised in a small family-run hotel in Cordoba.

Absurd Lies about Cordoba (updated)
Among the resident luminaries were Maimonides, a noted Jewish intellectual, the poet Ibn Hazm, and Averroes, the Muslim philosopher and mystic. A Saxon nun of the time called Cordoba 'the ... of a legally defined sartorial differentiation being reconfirmed.

On the Shores of Time: Mezquita-Catedral in Cordoba offers a multi-layered way of seeing the world
Cordoba, the Andalusian city in southern Spain, is one such place and the Mezquita-Catedral ... The statue of renowned Andalusian polymath Ibn-Rushd or Averroes can be seen sitting contemplatively as you make your way out of the city of Cordoba — another.

“Masjid e Qurtuba”: Searching for “Al Andalus” - American Muslim
Iqbal penned the above verses as an ode to the majesty and beauty of the Mosque of Cordoba in Andalusia, (present day Southern Spain , Europe). The glorious structure of the mosque, which I visited a day before, definitely warrants a place on the.

Lost in Translation - Tablet Magazine
He was born in CĂłrdoba , Spain , in 1135 at a time when Jewish poets modeled their work on Arabic verse. A decade later, Maimonides and his family fled CĂłrdoba to ... As a philosopher, Maimonides worked with his Muslim contemporary Averroes on advancing.

Salman Rushdie: 'I have no further interest in non-fiction' - Livemint
We next met in 1987 when he was in India, making a film (The Riddle Of Midnight) about the cohort of Indians who were born in 1947—the real midnight's children—and with my colleague and friend Dina Vakil I went to meet him at his hotel (President, at.

14 curiosidades que no conocĂ­as del DĂ­a de San ValentĂ­n - Periodico Central
Al igual que sucede en España , una de las industrias que más rendimiento económico saca al 14 de febrero es la de la floricultura. A diferencia de lo que sucede aquí, donde el número de rosas que compone el ramo no tiene un significado especial, allí.

Cordoba showcases Spain's great Islamic past - The National
I'm here in his birthplace to preview a new " Averroes tour" run by the Palacio del Bailio, Cordoba's only five-star property. Originally a 16th-century noble's mansion and estate, today it's an officially catalogued monument thanks to a remarkable.

Andalusia's lessons on Islam and tolerance - MuslimVillage.com (press release) (blog)
At its height, Andalusia produced a magnificent Muslim civilization — religious tolerance, poetry, music, learned scientists and scholars like Averroës , great libraries (the main library at Cordoba alone had 400,000 books), public baths, and splendid.

What Andalusia Can Teach Us Today About Muslims and Non-Muslims Living Together - Huffington Post
The civilization of Muslim Spain was the embodiment of the Islamic compulsion to seek ilm, or knowledge. Andalusia produced many firsts, the first person to fly, Ibn Firnas, after whom a moon crater was named, as well as a bridge in present-day Cordoba.

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