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Living in the world’s most adventurous countries
Adventure takes a different form for every person U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the best countries for adventure, based on each country’s score ... UK and founder of The Travel Blogs. The northern coast of the Basque region is especially.

Five Reasons to Head to Spain in October
Its arrival can make picking a desirable location for travel a less laborious task. There’s some splitting of hairs, but the crowd pleasers are hard to beat. In this light, we dial up the Iberian Peninsula’s largest landowner, Spain, as the Best Bet.

27 Best Places For Solo Female Travel
The travel industry website Skift dubbed 2017 “the year ... and make an entrance like none other — right over the cliffs edge down to the bay. Basque Country, Spain: Basque Country is the name of the area located in northern Spain with a celebrated.

Catalan independence vote: When is the referendum, why does Catalonia want to break from Spain and what will happen next?
Here is your guide to why the Catalans are voting, what Madrid thinks and what could happen next. On October 1 the Catalans will hold a referendum on independence from Spain ... in 1975 both Catalonia and the Basque country were given some independent.

Are Europe and the Middle East Both on the Verge of Unraveling?
Provence with Basque country, Bavaria with Lombardy, and so on. Secession would be rendered moot, for Catalans could get what they wanted if not from Spain then from Brussels or other European entities. Alas, it was not to be. Writes Anwen Elias back in.

San Sebastian: Explore Spain's rugged north coast with vineyards, beaches and tapas
Eating is almost a religion around here,” said our guide Marina, as we stood at the ... San Sebastian, located in the heart of the Basque region on Spain’s rugged northern coast, is the country’s culinary capital. The city is on the shores of the.

Spain’s trains are fast, cheap and on time... so how do we get it so wrong?
The first railway line in Spain, from Barcelona ... between Galicia and the Basque country. In the 1920s V.S. Pritchett commented that ‘the trains are as slow as oxen and as rare as eagles’. That may still be true if you travel between Bilbao and.

A visit to Bilbao takes the breath away
Since ETA called a ceasefire in 2011 and like Scotland, the Basque Country has devolved power, I hope Catalonia’s independence issue won’t put tourists off visiting this beautiful and autonomous community in northern Spain. Bilbao is a six or seven.

Top Five Hikes in Spain (the Camino de Santiago and more!)
The Camino de Santiago and so many more are The hike along Rio Borosa in central Spain is an easy one that the whole family can enjoy. An easy day trip with phenomenal views and even a fish farm. The Ultimate guide ... in the Basque Country in Northern.

A Guide to the Catalan Referendum
That would take Rajoy into uncharted constitutional waters, with no precedent, and little legislation to guide him ... like Catalonia and the Basque country and transformed the country during a three-decade boom. Until Spain finds a new framework within.

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