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Summer is both the best and worst time: the cathedral is by far the best place to be when outside temperatures hit 40C, but queues can be prohibitively long. Those who buy a ticket online can nip to the front. If you can't make sense of the website.

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For this is one of the air-raid sirens that sounded 80 years ago, on April 26 1937, as German and Italian planes bombed the Basque market town of Guernica (Gernika in the Basque spelling) during the Spanish Civil War. The attack was an experiment in.

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The show: In the first two series of the The Trip, comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon toured the gastronomic hotspots of northern England and Italy, indulging in musings on middle age and competitive Michael Caine impersonations. For this third.

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The San Sebastián area also boasts some of the best surf in Europe, and you can hire everything you need along the seafront or at the resort town of Zarautz about 10km west of the city. Start ... Carry on to Bilbao via the lush mountains of the Balcón.

Routes: What’s coming up in 2018
Quito's status as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site recognises its historical relevance as one of the best preserved ... all over the world. Bilbao is the gateway to the Basque Country, an autonomous region of northern Spain with its own language.

Great Wine Capitals: Winners of the Best Of Wine Tourism-Awards 2018 for Mainz & Rhinehessen
Originally the six brothers are an oenologist, historian, mineralogist, journalist, biologist and hotel manageress ... Portugal; Bilbao|Rioja, Spain; San Francisco|Napa Valley, USA, Valparaiso|Casablanca Valley, Chile and Verona, Italy. The Best Of.

Bilbao city guide: what to see plus the best restaurants, bars and hotels - The Guardian
This year sees Bilbao celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Guggenheim museum, an institution that brought art and its lovers to the north coast city, and started an urban relaunch in which its industrial past was overlaid with fluttering palms.

Hotel Embarcadero -
It's about 20 minutes to drive or to take the Metro into the centre of Bilbao , making it not quite as convenient for inner city enjoyment as its sister hotel , López de Haro. However, if your only stop in Bilbao is ... You'll find the bar side inhabited.

Origin by Dan Brown – a Nostradamus for our muddled times
Scientific enlightenment engages in another battle with religious fundamentalism, fought out in glassy labs, glossy luxury hotels and devilish cathedrals ... Brown remains a gothic novelist who is best when sending his characters to grope through mazy.

Hotel López de Haro -
The hotel is housed in a staid, grey building in downtown Bilbao . It lives and breathes its ritzy character in an in-your-face display of finery that borders on kitsch. Gold leaf, roses, crystal chandeliers—it's all really quite lovely, not at all.

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BILBAO , SPAIN – Made it. After 16 hours, three flights, three countries, the world's slowest rental car counter and one winding drive into town, I have just enough time to squeeze in a short nap before slurping some coffee into my jetlagged brain and.

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In Spain, the Instituto de Estudios ... best recipe, and best video about eggs. In Bilbao, Txikitero Artean is organizing a tasting event across more than 30 hotels in the city. In Croatia, egg business Hartmann in cooperation with theatre company Oberon.

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