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The top 10 best destinations of the decade named by Traveller - Traveller
Besides, travel is a personal pursuit. Some commend efficiency and ..... Yet, despite this social catastrophe, Spain posted a new record this time last year, having hosted 75 million visitors in 2016 – a 10 per cent increase on 2015 . Once again, Spain.

The state that loves bullfighting but isn't Spain
Now, political parties and supporters of Jallikattu hope the government in Delhi will promulgate a special act to bring back the contests in time for the 2016 season in mid-January ... sharpened horns. Unlike bullfighting in Spain, in Jallikattu the.

Killed for the King: Bullfighter throws his hat to former Spanish monarch as he dedicates his kill to him before ... - Daily Mail
This is the moment a bullfighter throws his hat to the former king of Spain after dedicating his kill to him - before plunging his sword into the animal. King Juan Carlos, who abdicated in 2014 and was replaced by son Felipe, was thrown the matador's.

Madrid: Often late but worth the wait
It’s apparently a popular dish in northern Spain, but we could only take one bite each to ... We rented an audio presentation we took along on our self-paced tour. Bullfighting season in Madrid runs March through October. Since it was October, I walked.

Reimagining Rioja With Spain's Most Famous Winemaker - Food & Wine
Álvaro Palacios was already one of Spain's most influential and iconoclastic winemakers. Then he set his sights on Rioja—and things were never the same again. Ray Isle rides along on a garnacha-and-flamenco-fueled tour of the country's premier wine&nbsp.

Italian soccer can’t blame foreigners for not making the World Cup
It doesn’t matter that Italy only went to the playoffs because they finished second in their group to Spain after gaining 23 out of 30 ... At the end of the 2015-2016 season, Serie A announced that each team would be required to include at least four.

Horrific moment young bullfighter is gored through the throat, mouth and TONGUE by 1000lb beast in his debut ... - Daily Mail
A young bullfighter is fighting for his life after being gored through the throat, face and tongue during his debut tournament. Daniel García Navarrete, 23, was pierced several times by a 1,000lb bull in Spain's biggest arena, Las Ventas, in Madrid.

Controversial “bloodless bullfighting” comes to Denver Saturday - The Denver Post
Bullfighting is coming to Denver this weekend, with all the pomp and circumstance normally seen in arenas in Spain , Portugal and Mexico. Matadors and bulls will take over the National Western Complex on Saturday, but the experience will be missing one&nbsp.

Colm Tóibín: 'Catalonia is a region in the process of reimagining itself' - The Guardian
Catalonia and Wales: Two nations with different but linked stories WalesOnline.

Spain bullring tours: Beauty without the bloodshed
It's an entirely different story sitting jam-packed on a hot stone bench in sunny Spain where the spectacle unfolds in ... I arrive in Madrid during the height of bullfighting season. A few in our group, including two young women, decide to go to a.

San Fermin: Pamplona's strangely fascinating horror show - Telegraph.co.uk
Pamplona festival: two Americans and a Briton gored by bulls The Guardian.

Backlash as bullfighting returns to Bogotá - The Bogota Post
Bullfighting has a long history in the Spanish -speaking world and Colombia is no exception. Ever since it was introduced ... Feelings run high on both sides: When former Bogotá mayor Gustavo Petro banned the practice within city limits in 2012, he.

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