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Visiting Peru's Machu Picchu
We were based in Cusco, but you also can stay in Aguas Calientes, where the train leaves you. From there, Machu Picchu is straight up. Aguas Calientes is a touristy spot with some hotels ... melted and shipped to Spain. The last Inca leader was executed.

Aguas de Ibiza Spa & Resort
We need your help to tell other travelers about this place. Share your experiences, tips, and stories. Leave a note for the next Traveler. There may be no better place to recover from Ibiza’s excesses than this 112-room resort at the verdant far end of.

Spain makes up for lost time in Cuba
Spain wants to make up for lost time in Cuba. To that effect, it is preparing a packed agenda ... and a visit by a business delegation under the auspices of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Hotel chains, the beermaker Damm and the sanitary ware firm.

Aguas de Ibiza
An eco-hotel designed to mirror the island’s most fundamental elements – air, water and light – make Aguas de Ibiza a calm but luxurious place to recuperate. It has Michelin-starred dining, sea-facing rooms and a choice of pools.

Man From Spain Skipped Work for 6 Years, Still Got Paid
The case started with confusion over where a civil servant in southern Spain worked. Now a court has ruled he must ... time after his transfer to the utility from a city hall job. The Aguas de Cadiz utility told Blas Fernandez it thought the worker had.

For 14 years, city bureaucrat didn't show up for work – and nobody noticed
A municipal supervisor who didn’t show up for work for as many as 14 years has been fined a year’s take-home pay by a court in the southwestern city of Cádiz in Spain. Joaquín García ... got transferred six years later to Aguas de Cádiz.

Civil servant who did no work for six years found out by officials preparing to reward him for 'long service'
A legal case was launched in 2010 alleging he had not done a day’s work since 2004, despite continuing to collect his €37,000 (£29,000) annual salary. After a protracted lawsuit, Mr García, lost his appeal at a Cádiz court on Thursday and will have.

Best Party Hotels in Ibiza
Here are the absolutely best party hotels in Ibiza, Spain! The 100-room Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa ... It's also worth comparing rates with the nearby and just as luxurious Aguas de Ibiza, which has a more central location just off of Santa Eulalia.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts offers first look at its overwater bungalows
It has been just more than a year since Karisma Hotels & Resorts announced that it would bring ... direct ladder access to the ocean, outdoor Aguas del Amor showers, private infinity pools, indoor Jacuzzis and oversize decks with lounge chairs that look.

Shaping up in Ibiza: More than just nightlife, Spain’s party island also offers a way to get seriously fit
You must be joking. I can hardly get through the morning as it is. But then I was told all this jumping about was taking place in and around a gorgeous five-star hotel called Aguas de Ibiza in the Ibizan town of Santa Eulalia. Which had vast, airy rooms.

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