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Tuesday's papers: Corporal punishment of children persists, overbred dogs suffer and an obstructionist constitution - YLE News
Finland's print press this Tuesday looks at a survey on the physical punishment of children - an illegal practice in Finland since 1985, how dogs with short snouts are being bred to ill-health, and a survey on how the public sees the Finnish Constitution.

Friday's papers: Drastic drop in university students, senior discontent and an in-depth look at Finnish surnames - YLE News
Helsinki University's head of international affairs Markus Laitinen tells IL that there were initially about 30 percent fewer applicants, but then once the students were informed of their acceptance decisions, the number of incoming students fell by 50.

Monday's papers: Young people who don't want to work, growing illicit employment and a break for school kids - YLE News
A 30-year-old man who wishes to stay anonymous tells IL that he has been unemployed for 10 years. He started studies at a vocational college, but lost his motivation. Like Hakala, he makes ends meet with his state-granted labour market subsidy and&nbsp.

Wednesday's papers: Wolf bite, clock-watching, and Lahti ski celebration - YLE News
The boy suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital in Tampere for treatment. The boy had somehow gone past a first wooden fence, making it to the edge of the animal enclosure, before he was attacked. IL reports that police are investigating.

Tuesday's papers: Strike halts trains, a new explanation for Finnish school success - YLE News
Tuesday's papers in Finland discuss the strike that has brought both local and long-distance train services to a standstill throughout the country. And brain researchers are now looking into the connection between Finland's frequent breaks at school.

Our Past: Mineral Springs Hotel opened June 1914
1975 – Prince Juan Carlos becomes Spain’s acting head of state ... 2014 – Sweden is the first European Union member state to officially recognize the State of Palestine.

Area hotels already booked eclipse weekend: Where else can visitors stay?
CARBONDALE -- Folks who might need a hotel room ... to southern Illinois. WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- It's a weekend full of live music at Walker's Bluff… with musicians known all around the world bringing their sound to southern Illinois. UNION COUNTY.

Monday's papers: Finland relives a nightmare, peels back the mask of terror, ponders a way forward - YLE News
Alazawii told IL that he has since received messages from hundreds of well-wishers. Hassan Zubier left hospital on Sunday to join hundreds of Turku residents who flocked to the site of the attack to observe a minute of silence in memory of the victims.

Tuesday's papers: Kids in religious rapture, bargain booze blues, pining for populism, support for Soini - YLE News
The kind of harm that blatantly violates children's rights, that have to do with the child's [right to] privacy and how they are treated in public," he told IL . Turku University special psychologist and lecturer Annarilla Ahtola said that even a child.

Wednesday's papers: Finland's own mini-NASA, an underage bride, and a Finnish journalist sentenced to jail in Turkey - YLE News
Our paper review this Wednesday looks at how territorial tendencies at Finland's ministries have slowed space industry development, a Turku man suspected of bringing an underage wife into the country from Iraq, and a Finnish-Turkish journalist in.

Friday's papers: Latvian booze cruising, wind farm outrage, municipal hockey jolly and a very Finnish catastrophe - YLE News
Since Estonia joined the European Union in 2000 travellers have been able to bring back plentiful supplies from Tallinn, which is just two hours from Helsinki on pleasant, regular and cheap ferry services. Sometimes it seems as though Finns barely.

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