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A Mensch Named Ratso
Drug-fueled drives in pursuit of the tour bus, last calls at dive bars and little sleep ... Apparently, all Sephardic Jews when kicked out of Spain went to Balkans and Italy. Who knew? I had no idea. I’m Sephardic!” But it wasn’t until the 1990s.

Can YOU tell what it is? Beachgoer is stunned after discovering strange 'alien' sea creatures on Devon's coast - Daily Mail
The photographer who discovered them first thought she had found the entrails of something killed at sea when she stumbled on one of the animals . She then discovered a ... Their stems are edible and treated as an expensive delicacy in Spain and Portugal.

The best of northern Spain: readers' travel tips - The Guardian
If you'd rather stray far from the tourist trail, the Basque Coast Geopark is a delight. It's a protected area of the coastline around Mutriku, Deba, and Zumaia. There are 13km of cliffs made up of flysch (shale bed) deposits which have created layered.

The DVD Wrapup: Survivalist, Vampyr, Lure, Giallo, Dreamgirls and More
Golden then meets Triton, a fellow sea creature and singer in a punk band ... After attracting a swarm of vicious sharks, their tour boat is destroyed by a massive rogue wave. (The titular cage makes only a brief appearance.) As clouds gather and darkness.

Why is the sun red? Hurricane Ophelia causes rare weather phenomenon
above the U.K." Debris and smoke from wildfires in Portugal and west-central Spain may also be contributing to the ... which is needed for growth of microscopic plants that tiny sea creatures, like zooplankton, feed on. "There is no doubt that the supply.

Cayman Islands: Walking with stingrays - New Zealand Herald
The Cayman Islands play host to scores of friendly sea creatures , discovers Hannah Stephenson. "If you kiss a stingray, it means seven years' good luck," our genial skipper jokes before we tentatively enter the sea amid what look like giant flat mushrooms.

Bull dies in agony at Spanish fiesta after flaming torches are strapped to its horns -
A bull died a horrible death at a Spanish fiesta after organisers strapped burning torches to its horns in front of a baying crowd. The terrified ... The animal died at the burning bull festival in the small town of Foios, 10 miles north of Valencia in.

Brazilian Children's Day teaches community families about Brazilian culture - Daily Illini
English words like “skate,” “art” and “ video games” were very similar, if not a replica, of they are in Portuguese. The event also included a musical called “Os ... This included games like “fishing for letters,” where kids could “ fish ” for letters to.

Gonna need a bigger crane: Enormous turtle found on Spanish beach (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) - RT
Department of Agriculture officials said this particular creature was in an advanced state of decomposition, reports Radio Calella. The 'Dermochelys coriacea' are primarily found in the open ocean, as far north as Alaska and as far south as the.

MIPCOM & MIP Junior News Bytes - Animation Magazine
Imira is handling Spanish , Portuguese and Italian-speaking territories for the”Riki Universe” (476 episodes total): BabyRiki (104 x 5', preschool) a CG/live-action hybrid edutainment series, KikoRiki(216 x 6'30” & 52 x 11') follows the BabyRiki.

SeaWorld's new ride combines virtual reality and a REAL roller coaster for a deep sea thriller - The Sun
with dives, corkscrews and seven loops, an immersive VR story unfolds in perfect sync with the ride's movements. Guests can now scream their way through a fantastical voyage past gigantic underwater beasts, including the legendary Kraken sea monster.

What IS that? Horrific 'alien sea monster' washes up on beach in chilling video - Daily Star
In the chilling video – taken yesterday (October 5) – the mysterious animal is seen sprawled across the sand. Its head looks like some sort of claw, with four tentacle-like arms. Behind the body appears a long line, which is hard to discern whether.

The Loch Ness Monster of Mollusks - The New Yorker
Shipworms are even thought to have helped the British, in 1588, defeat the Spanish Armada, which may have been severely compromised after spending months moored in the warm, shipworm-friendly harbors of Portugal, Spain , and southern France. “My.

Fanged creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey - BBC News
What is it?! Scientists stunned as hurricane washes up eye-less sea beast

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