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'Not if, WHEN!' Experts warn devastating tsunami WILL hit Spain and Portugal -
Luis Matias, Researcher of Tectonic and Seismic Risk at the Dom Luiz Institute in Portugal , said: “In the Gulf of Cadiz, several faults could cause an earthquake any time.” The documentary warns Spain's Andalusian Atlantic coasts are under threat of.

MAPPED: You CAN'T flush toilet paper down the loo in THESE 10 European countries -
FLUSHING toilet paper down the loo is something we take for granted in the UK – but visit one of these European countries and you'll have to bin the bog roll instead. By Helen Coffey. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 07:01, Sun, Mar 19, 2017&nbsp.

Why is Portugal’s economy so sluggish?
LTE phone service was also poor, but I think it might have been due to the Verizon Travel Pass system ... because there was no boom. Portugal has real structural problems (which we’ll get to), but so do Spain and Greece, neither of which slumped before.

Silver coast is pure gold: Discover Portugal's Silver Coast -
It was a big ask, we knew that, but oh boy – or “garoto” as they say in Portuguese – did we get lucky! Arriving in Porto, Portugal's second city, at the start of our five-day road trip along the country's Costa de Prata or Silver Coast, we knew we'd.

British holidaymakers face travel chaos at European airports due to EU security checks -
British holidaymakers face travel chaos at European airports due to EU security checks. HOLIDAYMAKERS face airport travel chaos tomorrow on one of the busiest weekends of the year. By Michael Knowles ... THIS is why Spain should LOVE British tourists.

“Best European destination”: Portugal sweeps board at World Travel Awards
Portugal has won the World Travel Awards coveted title as “Best European Destination” for the first time in a hotly-contested contest that saw the country pitch against former winners Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, as well as northern countries.

JinkoSolar Schedules 2017 Annual General Meeting to be Held on November 15, 2017 - SYS-CON Media (press release)
JinkoSolar has over 15,000 employees across its 8 production facilities in China (5), Malaysia, Portugal , and South Africa; 16 overseas subsidiaries in Japan (2), Singapore, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Mexico.

What an Independent Catalonia Would Do to the Map of Spain
Catalonia is the wealthiest region in Spain ... map. Larger not just than that of all those micronations (those red dots) or tiny Iceland and nearby Portugal, but also of virtually all countries in Eastern Europe – from the Baltics all the way down to.

Wildfires destroy homes, cause evacuations in Greece, Portugal -
Several weeks of blistering heat and dry weather set the stage for dangerous wildfires across southern Europe. A wildfire broke out near Varnavas, Greece , just to the north of Athens on Sunday and continues to burn out of control. The wildfire has.

Why Greece needs new hotel investment now
Angela Michalopoulou, director general for investments at Enterprise Greece, will host a regional ... 20 percent higher than the average of Spain and Portugal. (Source: NBG REPORT 2016) Based on World Travel & Tourism Council long-term projections.

4 things you need to do to secure a job abroad
Portugal, Austria, Poland, and Singapore all make it easy for skilled applicants to snag work permits. On the other hand, Hindricks added that it's a bit of a slog to get through the immigration process in Greece, Australia, Sweden, and the United States.

Why May's the best month to travel abroad - The Independent
Why May's the best month to travel abroad. Simon just shelled out over the odds to go to Perth – but May's the ... No one knows what the European air map will look like after Brexit. Airlines from the UK and Ireland seized the advantage of “open.

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