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Facebook Navigates an Internet Fractured by Governmental Controls
The company has become so far-reaching that more than two billion people — about a quarter of the world’s population — now use Facebook ... its top decision-making body. In 2016, Facebook took tentative steps toward embracing China’s censorship.

FWC: Annual Florida manatee count breaks record for the third time - Orlando Weekly (blog)
FWC biologist Gill McRae said the warm water is most important for keeping populations on the rise. "The relatively high counts we have seen for the past three years underscore the importance of warm water habitat to manatees in Florida. The FWC will&nbsp.

12 things I wish I'd known before I went to Dubai -
One of the benefits of having such a huge expat population is a wealth of dinner choices: Dubai has an exciting food scene. And it's not all about luxury restaurants, either – although there are plenty of those. In the Bur Dubai area, you can feast on.

The Delegation for 8.9.17 — Insights from the Beltway to the Sunshine State - Florida Politics (blog)
Gigicos is expected to perform a similar role to that he carried out for Trump in 2016 as well as the last 5 GOP presidential nominees. “I'm going back to ... Sharon Day of Fort Lauderdale was confirmed by the Senate last week to be the next Ambassador.

M.G. Keyser keeps his cool to win Golf Citizen Classic
Spain’s Bertran had his chances to earn his first Mena Tour victory, but pulled his second shot in the playoff and had to settle for a bogey. Meanwhile, Scotland’s bid to claim his first Mena Tour victory since 2016 ... on the Sunshine Tour, and.

The flipside of Ibiza: Famous party island also has a quiet side - Toronto Sun
Here are a few things not to miss on the small island -- part of Spain's Balearic Islands: UNESCO HERITAGE SITE. Ibiza Town is the island's capital and largest city ( population about 49,000). As the sun rises and the club-goers filter out, the real.

When it comes to science in action the kitchen is the place to be - Camden Haven Courier
Molecular gastronomy goes further and uses physics and chemistry to transform food. Blumenthal and Spanish restaurateur Ferran Adria have famously explored some of the trickier realms of kitchen sciences. “Adria was one of the first to use alginates to&nbsp.

The emigrant album: Irish faces in far-flung places - Irish Times
To give a visual sense of our dispersed global population , and to find out what the Irish are doing in far-flung places, Irish Times Abroad invited emigrant readers in March to send us their photos and short stories through a new content-gathering tool.

On the Water: 10 Favorite Places on European Rivers, Lakes and Coastlines - New York Times
The whole population of the multiethnic 19th Arrondissement seemed to be sprawled along the waterside, equipped with books or baguettes. Almost every area of the park offers a view of the lake and island. Framed by the arch of a stone tunnel, they.

Report: South Korea Developing New Pop Group Capable Of Reaching US - The Onion (satire)
WASHINGTON—Warning that a successful launch would constitute a grave threat to American population centers from coast to coast, leading analysts confirmed Wednesday that South Korea is currently developing a new pop group capable of reaching the.

Finalist Shots of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017
an endangered cat found only in two small populations in southern Spain. Unlike the larger European lynx, the Iberian lynx feeds almost entirely on rabbits. So a disease that wipes out the rabbit population can be catastrophic. They also need a particular.

BASE Jumping Equipment Market - Drivers and Forecasts by Technavio
For instance, XXX in 2002, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003, and Sunshine ... governments and tour operators of many countries to boost consumer awareness of adventure activities. In 2016, approximately 60% of the US population in the.

Florida's growing Latino population faces mixed progress, study shows - Orlando Weekly (blog)
Rico in hopes of finding increased economic stability amid the fiscal crisis of the commonwealth," the report says. "The characteristics of the Puerto Rican population recently moving to Florida will have an effect on the overall economic status of.

ISIS in the Caribbean - The Atlantic
Even the figure of 125 would easily place Trinidad, with a population of 1.3 million, including 104,000 Muslims, top of the list of Western countries with the highest rates of foreign-fighter radicalization; it's by far the largest recruitment hub in.

Venezuela Prisons: 'Pranes' and 'Revolutionary' Criminality -
Oriente was later recaptured, only to escape from another prison in December 2016 . ... Venezuelas-Rising-Prision- Population ... The word pran is believed to come from a Spanish acronym drawn from the words, "Preso Rematado Asesino Nato. .... Blazing.

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