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Blazing new trails in the tech world - The Business Times
After a reservation on Airbnb is confirmed, igloohome automatically sends the guest a personalised PIN code to enter the host's property. When the ... Lee Junxian (CashShield): The traditional way of identifying and preventing cyber attacks using.

Showcasing Croatian Gourmet Tourism Potential: SplitB2B Kicks Off in Style - Total Croatia News
Gourmet tourism is big business in France, Spain , Germany and Italy, but is not yet developed to anything like the same degree. ... It is a cuisine which blew the mind of Anthony Bourdain a few years ago on his No Reservations show on The Travel Channel.

Cadillac Discovers What Happens When You Fuck With Anthony Bourdain - Jalopnik
His show on the Travel Channel ended this week, but not without the advertising folks at the network splicing in footage of the Cadillac XTS with promos for his show to make it seem like he's being driving one to all the exotic locations on his show.

Quirky facts you never knew about Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain is one of the most familiar faces in the food world these days, both on television on CNN’s "Parts Unknown"-- and before that, Travel Channel’s "No Reservations" and "The Layover"-- and in print and online as someone who’s never.

Trinidad episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown to air in June - Loop Trinidad & Tobago
Bourdain visits Port-of- Spain , a vibrant city of African, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern influence, where he dines on curried duck, doubles (floppy Indian bread topped with curry chickpeas, mango) and fish in tahini sauce with Trinidadians of.

CNN Gives Second Season to ‘Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown’
travel to Spain, New Mexico, Israel, Copenhagen, Sicily, Detroit, Tokyo and India. Parts Unknown is the first project of a partnership between Bourdain and CNN that took him away from nearly a decade with Travel Channel. No Reservations wrapped its.

An American foodie's quest for Kerala cuisine
Spain, Italy and France are the most well-known ... and find local cuisine in restaurants and homestays. The Kerala episode of No Reservations will air in the US on the Travel Channel in July 2010. It will air on Discovery Travel & Living around the.

The Food Show On Arnaud's - WWL First News
And no and as he really ought to be for the good for the kind of impact he's had on the business it's Tommy di Geovany. Who will last time we talked to him a long .... They don't travel that keep the bill we've we're fortunate. Sees Spain as well in I.

Spanish expats in Hong Kong condemn police brutality during Catalonia referendum - South China Morning Post
Catalans assemble in Spanish polling stations, defying police orders SFGate.

33 beautiful islands to visit in South Korea - CNN
Sinuido, which was featured in a 2008 episode of the KBS2 channel's travel program, "1 night 2 days" (1박 2일), is the largest producer of sea salt in South Korea. One visits this island not for the fishing, hiking or swimming -- but rather, to gawk at.

How Hurricane Harvey Will Affect Your Travel Plans - Condé Nast Traveler
Harvey will be the first hurricane of its strength to hit the U.S. in nearly a dozen years, and according to the Weather Channel , will bring "devastating rainfall flooding, dangerous storm-surge flooding and destructive winds... that could leave parts.

Why Anthony Bourdain Thinks Food Is Political - Condé Nast Traveler
In the show's various iterations, from the Food Network's A Cook's Tour to Travel Channel's No Reservations to CNN's Parts Unknown, Bourdain's storytelling has become more sophisticated. What started as a travelogue brought to you by a chain-smoking,&nbsp.

Searching for California's Lost Viking Treasure Ship - Newsweek
In the rugged Colorado Desert of California, there lies buried a treasure ship sailed there hundreds of years ago by either Viking or Spanish explorers. Some .... When we'd spoken on the phone, I'd gotten the impression he thought the ship was of.

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