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China offers support to Spanish government amid Catalonia crisis - South China Morning Post
China understands and supports the Spanish government's efforts to protect the country's unity and territorial integrity, Beijing said on Thursday, amid moves by Catalonia to declare independence. The wealthy region's intention to break away has.

Spacing Out After Not Sleeping Enough? New Study Explains Why
Top 5 Winter Travel TipsFive valuable tips to help ... in your brain after a night without much sleep? A new study is explaining how much of an effect losing sleep has on human brain cells. The UCLA study details how brain cells lose the ability to.

Baby dolphin dies after hundreds of beachgoers in Spain pass it around for selfies - South China Morning Post
Homelessness in Spain Is on the Rise, and Owners Are Getting Rough as They Try to Get Squatters Out Newsweek.

Stretchable artificial skin that 'feels' its surroundings could soon give robots a human-like sense of touch - Daily Mail
Robots that can disable bombs, perform delicate surgery or nimbly handle cooking ingredients could be just around the corner, thanks to a new wonder material. Experts have created an artificial skin from silicon rubber - the same type found in the.

Catalan leader accuses Spain of 'worst attack' since dictator Francisco Franco - South China Morning Post
Catalan parliament to respond to Spain's planned takeover SFGate.

RSO promotes traveling, study abroad
UNL Globetrotters Study Abroad encourages students to travel and study abroad in order to broaden their ... and the primary programmer for UNL Globetrotters. She studied abroad in Spain and France through the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural.

E-cigarettes DO increase your risk of heart disease, study claims - Daily Mail
The study , conducted at the University of California Los Angeles, looked at 23 habitual e-cigarette users, meaning they smoked most days for a minimum of one year, and 19 people who have never smoked traditional cigarettes or electronic one, both.

The 10 best US schools for pursuing a film degree - USA TODAY College
Some students like to stand in the spotlight, while others shine behind the camera. If you prefer looking through a lens, a film, video and photographic art major may be for you. Classes within this major prepare graduates for careers in cinematography.

'It's lit!': Ariel Winter shows excitement as she reveals UCLA fall admittance... after deferring for a year due to ... - Daily Mail
And on Friday, Ariel Winter showed excitement for her upcoming admittance into the University of California at Los Angeles. Due to filming, the actress had to put aside her studies until the fall of 2017. Ready to go! On Friday, Ariel Winter, 19.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy accuses Catalan leader of 'deliberate confusion', demands clarity on independence - South China Morning Post
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took the first step on Wednesday towards suspending Catalonia's political autonomy and ruling the region directly to thwart a push for independence. He demanded the regional government clarify whether it now&nbsp.

For college students grappling with mental illness, the world can seem colorless - USA TODAY
In the moment, Megan Larson, a senior biology and religion major at UCLA , doesn't have to think at all. Larson is one of so many college students who have to not only juggle the stresses of college but also battle with their own brains. She is among.

Is 69% of All Olive Oil Fake? - snopes.com
oils were defective and failed to meet the international standard for extra virgin olive oil. In the months since the release of the study , similar quality problems have been found in Andalusia, the world's most productive olive oil region, by.

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