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Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta is the capital of beautiful nation called Indonesia and it became a middle of government for decades. Apart from being a business and government center, in addition, it has a history and culture. For instance, there’s one is called Kota Tua or Old Town. As the name implies, it holds several historic structures, which were used throughout the colonialism era. The simple fact is Jakarta was once considered a place to trade throughout the 16th century.

Today, the site becomes tourists favored destination to hang out and feel the old atmosphere of the city. The Nuance. Kota Tua Jakarta or the Old City of Jakarta is located on Kunir Street 23 A, Tamansari. It belongs to West Jakarta City, actually. Regardless of the small size, which is about 1.3 square kilometre, it’s plenty of attractions including historical buildings and several places to hang outside. The majority of the constructions are museums, but an older harbor resides near to the area. Tourists usually arrive there throughout the mid-day or during the night when the nuance feels comfy.

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Some folks are seen in the morning like hers like clean air and do some sports. Exploring Jakarta Old Town. Due to the historic atmosphere, Jakarta Old Town is more appropriate for walking around and running. Which means visitors are able to take benefit of the nuance to find peace and eradicate stresses. They can explore the area and see many buildings property museums. Some portions of this are utilized by local sellers to promote their items, as well. These include food, accessories, etc. For them who wish to visit the museums, they must arrive before 3 pm. The matter is they should steer clear of coming at noon when the temperature is hot.

Therefore, the optimum time to visit is in the morning. The main allure of Old City is the formation of museums, which can be scattered near to each other. These include Bank Mandiri, Bank Indonesia, Arts & Ceramics, and Wayang Museum. Every one of them provides beauty so tourists should visit them all. As mentioned before, visitors must arrive before the closing hour. For all those that look for a more straightforward activity, they can enjoy riding a bike around the area. Have no worries. Some locals provide bicycles for rent to tourists and the cost is quite reasonably priced.

Another distinctive Attractiveness in Jakarta Old Town is the existence of artists, people who dress as a statue, soldiers, Dutch lady, and much more. They move around the area and become an object of photography. Visitors are allowed to take photos with them in reality. In the conclusion of the adventure, tourists should enjoy local snacks called Kerak Telor. It’s crispy and tasty!.