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Must Visit Attractions in Medan

  1. Tjong A Fie Mansion
    Tjong A Fie Mansion is the first obligatory traveller destination which you need to visit while at Attractions in Medan. This attraction for tourist at Medan is a tradition that was once a home owned by a dominant Chinese merchant named Tjong A Fie. In the year 2009, this home was formally utilized as a museum as well as its management was carried out from the descendants of Tjong A Fie.
    Noted, this home started to be constructed in 1895 and was finished in 1900 with a size reaching 8,000 sq meters. Indoors there are a total of 35 rooms. This home comes along with a mixture of art deco, Chinese and Malay components. That said, the construction of this house was carried out based on the design of Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion at Penang, Malaysia.

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    2. Maimun Palace
    The next attractions for tourist in Medan you could visit are Maimun Palace. This building is frequently referred to as probably the most beautiful palaces in Indonesia. The main uniqueness of this palace architecture is a combination of components of Malay, Islam, India, Spain and Italy inside.
    The Malay element is represented with the usage of the yellow colour that dominates this palace. At the mean time, the usage of lamp ornaments, tables, chairs and push doors within the building represent European components. Not to forgetthe roofing which has an inverted boat-like arch is a design that is frequently found at the Middle East region.
    The condition of the buildings and historical relics stored from the Palace of Maimun are also well preserved. Tourists may also explore various portions of the building which has an area of 2,772 yards and has 30 rooms. Not to miss, there’s an interesting collection named Meriam Puntung that’s believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mambang Khayali who’s beautiful from the Kingdom of Deli Tua.

    3. Medan Great Mosque
    Medan Great Mosque becomes the next obligatory traveller destination which may be traced in Medan. This building has an era that is not much different from Tjong A Fie Mansion, its construction started in 1906, and was finished in 1909. The building was quite typical, with an octagonal form and architectural design style mixing between the Middle East, Spain and India.
    The institution of the Medan Grand Mosque is also one of the evidence of inter-religious tolerance in Medan. That said, Tjong A Fie also contributed funds for the construction of this mosque. The spectacular design did make the construction of the Great Mosque of Medan cost a lot, totaling one million guilders during that time.
    With these massive costs, it is not surprising that the grandeur of the mosque that’s also known as the Al Mashun Grand Mosque defeats the luxury of the palace.¬† Furthermore, the material and furniture within the mosque were intentionally erased from overseas. For example, marble from Italy, tainted glass in China, and hanging lamps imported from France.